Felony DUI

There are various classifications for DUI charges, ranging from misdemeanor first-time DUI offenses to extreme DUIs and aggravated DUIs. The Law Office of Thomas Wilson can help you successfully navigate issues that may arize with a felony DUI. What is the difference between these?

Felony DUIs are often confused with extreme DUIs, but they arise from different circumstances.

  • Extreme DUIs have to do with the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) or impairment evidence found through a field sobriety test, breath test or chemical test. An extreme DUI penalty may result if your BAC is above a 0.15, as opposed to the standard legal BAC limit of 0.08.
  • Felony DUIs, sometimes called aggravated DUIs, typically relate to the circumstances surrounding your DUI arrest. For example, you may face a felony DUI if impairment from drugs or alcohol resulted in a serious car accident, if you received a DUI penalty while driving with a suspended or revoked license, or if you have had two or more DUI convictions in the last seven years.

Preventing A DUI Conviction

Arizona has some of the harshest drunk driving laws in the United States, with penalties that range from mandatory 24 hours in jail (for a first-time misdemeanor DUI) to years of incarceration and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. Every case is different, and requires an experienced defense lawyer who knows how to suppress evidence and assure every opportunity for reduced charges is aggressively pursued. Know your legal limit!

Attorney Thomas Wilson leads our Tucson DUI practice at The Law Office of Thomas Wilson PC. His record of success in settlement negotiations and courtroom proceedings has earned our firm a reputation for excellence in this particular area of law.

As a former police officer and a long-standing attorney, he can develop a strong case for your defense by anticipating how law enforcement and prosecutors will use certain details regarding your arrest, your alleged impairment and any statements you made against yourself. The manner in which this evidence was gathered is crucial to your defense.

Make sure you discuss your situation with one of our experienced DUI legal professionals before making important decisions regarding your case. Contact our office in Tucson, Arizona, online or by telephone at 520-624-2728 to arrange an attorney consultation.