Will I Lose My License For A DUI In Arizona?

A DUI will result in more than a simple fine in the criminal justice system and a mark on your criminal record. When you are arrested for and charged with a DUI, the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) Motor Vehicles Division (MVD) also takes action against you. A DUI charge, whether it results in a conviction or not, will lead to an automatic license suspension if you do not take swift action to fight back.

There are many arguably more severe DUI consequences in the criminal justice system, including incarceration, but for commercial drivers or people who need to drive their cars for work and daily life, the question, "Will I lose my license for a DUI?" becomes far more important.

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Reinstatement After License Suspension Or Revocation

If you have already had your license suspended or revoked, it is possible to have it reinstated, but it is an uphill battle. The Arizona DOT MVD and the criminal justice system each have their own processes for investigating DUIs. This means you will need to satisfy requirements in both administrative hearings and criminal court, and must do so quickly if you have been arrested for a DUI.

At The Law Office of Thomas Wilson PC, we offer experienced, quality and aggressive counsel in both the criminal law aspects of a DUI as well as the administrative hearings and MVD procedures.

Attorney Thomas Wilson has developed a reputation for excellence in Arizona DUI laws, specifically, having devoted a large portion of his practice to this area of law after working for 10 years in law enforcement. He offers a unique perspective in DUI charge defense and an acute ability to make strategic decisions for each of his client's specific circumstances.

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