Can You Lose Your Job For A DUI In Arizona?

"At will" employment in Arizona means that an employer can discipline employees or terminate them for any reason (aside from illegal reasons, such as discrimination).

How does my at-will employment relate to my DUI? You could face consequences at work if your employer is made aware of a drunk driving arrest or a DUI charge and believes it could negatively affect your job performance. This can happen regardless of whether or not you were found guilty of a DUI in Tucson, Arizona.

Any employer, public or private, could react in this manner, but certain types of employers often hold employees to higher standards (i.e., jobs that involve interaction with the public or minors). If you are a school teacher, a police officer, military personnel or a commercial driver, or if you operate machinery that requires a high degree of safety precautions, you are more likely to face these consequences.

Your best option for defense against the collateral consequences of a DUI, such as job loss, is to retain experienced counsel from a qualified DUI defense lawyer.

Put Your DUI Record Behind You

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If you are wondering if you can lose your job for a DUI, or if you have been demoted or put on work release after being arrested, contact our office. There are ways to fight back against these challenges, protect you from fines and incarceration, and otherwise keep you working and building toward a positive future.

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