Relocations And Move Aways

Dedicated Divorce Lawyers Modifying Child Custody in Pima County

When parents wish to relocate to another county, city or state, they must go to court to have their child custody modified. Without proper guidance from experienced Tucson child relocation attorneys, you could face serious legal, including criminal, consequences. Our Tucson AZ legal services team has more than 40 combined years of experience handling complicated child custody matters. We understand the substantial emotional and financial motivations for wanting or needing to relocate.

The Law Office of Thomas Wilson, P.C., provides comprehensive divorce and military divorce representation. Our Tucson family law attorneys understand how the courts approach relocation issues. We can evaluate your situation from every angle to determine the best course of action.

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Best Interest of the Children

The courts follow the best interest of the children standard when reviewing child custody issues. We provide representation for parents pursuing relocation. We can investigate the new location and provide detailed information to help support your petition. We can look at the school system, crime rates, employment opportunities and ties with your family.

Additionally, we help parents contesting relocation petitions. In these situations, we conduct thorough evaluations to determine if the move is in the best interest of your children. We look at why the other parent wants to move. Is it for a new job? A new boyfriend or girlfriend? We compare the crime statistics and school ratings to demonstrate your position. We can also demonstrate to the court that a move would prevent your children from maintaining strong relationships with family, friends and the community.

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