Child Custody And Custody Modifications

Pima County Custody Modification Attorneys

Arizona courts follow the best interest of the children standard when deciding physical and legal child custody arrangements. Physical custody deals with where a child will live, while legal custody addresses who is authorized to make decisions about a child's education, religious upbringing, medical care and well-being. Typically, joint legal custody is granted, with one parent being custodial, and the noncustodial parent receiving parenting time or visitation.

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At the Law Office of Thomas Wilson, P.C., our family law attorneys understand how custody issues can be overwhelming. We have extensive experience handling supervised custody arrangements in cases involving Child Protective Services, relocations and other serious matters. We strive to help clients achieve their goals while maintaining positive co-parenting relationships. Our Tucson family law and child custody attorneys have more than 40 combined years of experience. We can evaluate your situation and provide informed guidance and representation tailored to your needs. We offer the best affordable legal services in Tucson.

Custody Modifications

When one or both parents experience a significant change in circumstances, child custody or visitation can be modified. For instance, if a parent loses his or her job, faces a serious medical condition or experiences a change in parenting time, custody can be changed to suit the best interests of the children.

Our family lawyers have extensive experience helping clients pursue modifications. We can gather appropriate documentation to help support your position with the court. Additionally, we provide representation for individuals who oppose modifications. We can provide information to the court to help support your position.

Grandparents' Rights

Unlike many other states, Arizona has a specific statute that provides grandparents rights to pursue custody and visitation. Our law firm provides diligent representation for individuals pursuing their rights. We also have experience representing parents who do not wish to have their own parents involved in their children's lives. We can evaluate your goals and tailor our representation to your unique situation.

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