Tucson Fathers' Rights Lawyers

A nurturing and stable father is just as important to a child's upbringing as a caring mother. While courts have historically given preference to mothers in child custody and legal parental rights proceedings, this preference is changing.

Joint custody and fostering a relationship between the child and both parents is emphasized under Arizona law. Still, if you are a father whose parental rights have been denied, or if you are unsure of the child's paternity as you have been sought for child support, you need to be sure that your rights as a parent are upheld.

At The Law Office of Thomas Wilson PC, attorney helps fathers whose custody rights are being jeopardized, particularly in situations where:

  • A child was born out of wedlock
  • The paternity of a child is uncertain
  • A father is denied visitation or custody rights post-divorce

Preserving Valuable Relationships For You And Your Child

O ur main concern in any case is to facilitate positive relationships between family members where appropriate, especially as they relate to the best interest of the child. Whether you and your spouse or significant other may or may not have an amicable relationship, it is still in important to have a legal understanding of who the child's father is.

Establishing paternity and upholding a father's rights provide many benefits to a child, including access to health care benefits, Social Security benefits, historical health and genetic information, and a clear understanding of his or her identity.

We can help you understand what your rights are as a father to make sure your child gets the proper benefits he or she needs. Contact an experienced lawyer at our office in Tucson, Arizona, online or by telephone at 520-624-2728 for more information.