Child Custody And Your Rights As A Parent

Making Strong Decisions As You Separate From Your Spouse

Determining child custody agreements will involve answering some of the most important questions in your divorce proceedings. Who will your child(ren) live with full time? When will the noncustodial parent get to see his or her child(ren)?

While many couples view this as a win-lose situation, it does not have to be. Cooperative agreements can be made if you work with an attorney who knows when to be flexible and when to push back in your case.

Your child custody rights as a parent and your child's right to a positive and stable upbringing are our first concerns at The Law Office of Thomas Wilson PC, but we know that achieving those goals sometimes involves taking a more negotiable approach. This is particularly true in child custody issues because you will likely have to work with your spouse for many years to come after your divorce is final.

Make sure you start off on the right foot today by making levelheaded decisions that protect your rights in:

  • Legal versus physical custody
  • Joint custody versus sole custody
  • Parenting time (visitation)

Custody Issues Outside Of Divorce

Other key issues we handle related to family law and parental rights include those outside of divorce. We can help couples who have never been married, or may simply no longer be living together. These can easily be contentious issues, particularly when questions of the child's paternity is uncertain or fathers' rights are called into question.

We also handle cases that involve extended family members who are being unfairly denied access to spend time with a child, or are taking on an unofficial parenting role. Cases that involve grandparents' rights are typically associated with these issues.


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