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In Arizona establishing domestic partnerships can provide solutions to a wide range of issues. Whether you are in a same-sex or heterosexual relationship, our lawyers can help you establish a domestic partnership tailored to your unique needs and objectives.

The Law Office of Thomas Wilson, P.C. provides comprehensive family law representation. Our Tucson attorneys for domestic partners have helped many couples pursue partnerships throughout Pima County.

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Adoptions in Domestic Partnerships

Our attorneys have extensive experience helping gay and lesbian couples with stepparent adoptions so they can create a family. Stepparent adoptions enable a parent’s new spouse to adopt the parent’s children. In these situations, the other biological parent must agree and give up his or her parental rights. Or, we can help individuals pursue the termination of parental rights to help facilitate adoptions.

Additionally, our attorneys can provide guidance and representation for same-sex adoptions.

Other Issues

Individuals can establish domestic partnerships for benefits. If a boyfriend and girlfriend are living together with kids, a domestic partnership can enable the girlfriend and her children to have benefits under the boyfriend’s plan. Individuals in domestic partnerships can also have joint bank accounts and own real property together. Our law firm provides mediation representation for partners going through dissolution of partnerships. We can help you go to court to have property division issues resolved.

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