Emergency Orders And Protective Orders

Pima County Domestic Violence Attorneys

We understand that highly charged situations can quickly escalate, requiring immediate protection from emergency orders. We also understand that claims of abuse are often used as weapons for future child custody battles.

At the Arizona Law Office of Thomas Wilson, P.C., our divorce lawyers can evaluate your situation - whether you are seeking an order or you oppose an order that has been placed against you - and provide guidance tailored to your needs.

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When Should You Obtain a Protective Order?

Our Tucson family law and restraining order attorneys understand that certain situations require immediate court intervention. If you have been abused or feel that your life or your child's life is in imminent danger, you may get an order granted ex parte. That means, you can go to court and get a protection order without the other person being there. Within a set number of days, another hearing is set to have both sides discuss the issue with a judge. If the judge agrees that an order is merited, the other person would be kicked out of your shared residence and prohibited from contacting you via:

  • Third party
  • Text message
  • Phone calls
  • E-mails
  • Social media

When Should You Challenge an Order?

Our lawyers have more than 40 combined years of experience handling complicated divorce issues. We understand that protective orders can be challenged in court any time, and they are valid for one year. Unfortunately, many individuals request a hearing to challenge an order immediately, without understanding the consequences of losing the challenge. In Arizona, if you challenge an order of protection and lose, you can face permanent sanctions.

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If you hunt, shoot, own a gun or use a gun in relation to your career, you need to understand the consequences of challenging emergency orders. If you challenge the order and win, the order is thrown out of court. However, if you challenge and lose, you could be prohibited from possessing a firearm. If you let an order stand and comply with the order, you may be able to keep your firearm and protect your career.

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