How Mediation And Collaborative Law Can Help You

Through all of the hardship you face now in family law legal proceedings, it is important to remember that the court and the law are blind to the emotional state of disputing parties. Judges rule to the best of their ability on factual information and guidelines that legal statutes put in place.

If you argue endlessly or needlessly, you will likely end up with a less favorable agreement because neither side gets what he or she needs or wants when a judge hands down a ruling.

More Favorable Outcomes Through Alternative Dispute Resolution

A knowledgeable Tucson family law attorney who knows when to use mediation, collaborative law and alternative dispute resolution can:

  • Help you arrive at customized agreements that suit your family's needs
  • Limit the expense of court fees and lengthy litigation
  • Help provide you with affordable legal services
  • Resolve your case efficiently so you can put these issues behind you
  • Facilitate a lasting cooperative relationship for problem-solving within your family

Strength In Court But Skilled In Negotiation

At The Law Office of Thomas Wilson PC, we are sensitive to the personal nature of family law and divorce proceedings. In an effort to protect our clients during these challenging times, we offer experienced representation focused on finding lasting solutions, rather than win-lose arguments.

While our family law attorneys are strong advocates for our clients in trial when they need it, we never take cases there until the opportunity for a more cooperative and customized agreement has been explored.

Contact our office in Tucson, Arizona, to learn more about how mediation and collaborative law can provide you with a means to negotiate child custody, property division, support payments and other details without handing over control of the outcome to a judge in court.

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