Uncontested Divorce in Arizona

An uncontested divorce in Arizona is one that doesn’t involve any major challenges from either party. It doesn’t mean that the divorce process is completely free of minor disagreements though. Yet, some people may think that a relatively simple divorce can be a do-it-yourself thing. About a quarter of all divorces are uncontested. However, it’s rare for a couple to come to the table with a plan ironed out with nothing left to do but put everything into legalese and sign on the dotted line.

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Don’t Forget the Details

The assistance of a qualified divorce attorney is usually necessary to prepare all documents that must be filed in Arizona for a divorce to be legal. This typically includes issues such as the division of property and other assets and acquired during the marriage and custody issues. Even a couple that agrees on practically everything may leave out things like the legal description of a real estate property or the exact amount of joint bank accounts and other marital assets. While this may not seem like an issue now, forgetting the details now can become a surprise legal snag for one or both parties in the future or when attempting to file the divorce papers with the court.

Sign Now, Read Later

An uncontested divorce doesn’t always mean that both parties are in perfect harmony. Oftentimes, one or both parties just goes along with whatever the other party presents to get the divorce over with as quickly as possible. There is an assumption that any mistakes can be amended later. Unfortunately, the “sign now, read later” approach can backfire if the other party has a smart attorney who made certain terms and conditions non-modifiable, meaning they can’t just be amended later. This is especially dicey when it comes to “spousal maintenance”, (referred to as “alimony” in many states outside Arizona). If you agree to a set amount of spousal support, for example, and it’s non-modifiable, there’s nothing you can legally do to change it.

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Whether you are signing divorce documents just to get it over with or you are unrepresented and bullied into signing by the other party and their attorney, it could all be avoided if you have an experienced divorce lawyer on your side. Even if the only thing an attorney has to do for you is write up and review documents, you could be saving yourself some legal headaches once the fine print kicks in. While custody arrangements can be modified in court, certain terms such as the division of property and any spousal support could be set in stone with the right legal wording. When it comes to filing for a fast and easy divorce in Arizona, even an uncontested one, it’s better to be safe than sorry.