Tucson Family Law Attorneys

Maintaining a clear perspective and a level head while you and your family go through an emotionally challenging situation will be difficult, but it is crucial to getting the result you seek.Our family law attorneys can help achieve those results

At The Law Office of Thomas Wilson PC, our clients come to us while sifting through questions of living arrangements, financial assets and how to raise their children while separating from a spouse. Our goal is to help them answer these questions in a customized way while assuring that all legal details are accounted for and addressed in their best interests.

Finding The Right Solutions In Your Case

In Arizona, particularly, many divorcing couples must deal with military divorce issues, divisions of retirement and pension plans, and high-asset divorces or divorces for retirees. These and other unconventional or simply personal decisions should not be left up to a judge in court who has little understanding of a family's needs. Our divorce attorneys encourage a cooperative and amicable process through mediation and collaborative law when possible.

Still, some cases are bound to be contentious, such as those that involve domestic violence and neglect or jeopardized parental rights. If your case requires an aggressive stand in court, our family law team at The Law Office of Thomas Wilson PC, can provide the skill and experience you need to protect your rights.

Discuss your case with a Tucson family law attorney like Thomas Wilson who will listen to you, answer your questions and make sure the decisions made about your family remain in your hands as much as possible. Reach us online or by telephone at 520-624-2728.