Tucson Truck Accident Attorneys

Any motor vehicle accident has the potential to change your life, but truck accidents often involve more dire consequences, particularly where personal injury is concerned. The sheer weight of the vehicle involved leaves other motorists with serious injuries when accidents are caused by driver error or equipment malfunction.

Whether your trucking injury has left you with a treatable injury or a permanent disability, you will have steep medical bills to pay and potentially a lifetime of limited mobility or job consequences. These burdens should not be yours to bear alone. The at-fault party's insurance company, whether it is an individual driver or a semi tractor-trailer company, should compensate you to the fullest extent possible. We can help you understand personal injury law.

Advocates For Maximum Compensation

At The Law Office of Thomas Wilson PC, we help truck accident injury victims throughout Arizona get the help they need when they have suffered due to another party's negligence. We thoroughly investigate the accident details, police reports, witness statements and medical records to demonstrate your need for compensation that covers:

  • Thorough medical care for your immediate medical needs
  • Long-term medical care, such as physical therapy for ongoing health issues
  • Lost wages you have suffered during your initial treatment
  • Loss of income you will have from being unable to work in the job you once had
  • Accommodations you must make as you cope with your new life after your injury

Demonstrating Fault In Trucking Accidents

In some cases, we must prove fault by showing that a driver was texting while driving or was simply inattentive in following the rules of the road. In other cases, we may need to demonstrate that the maintenance and repair of trucking equipment or the management of drivers (i.e., driver training or break time and labor law violations) were to blame for your accident.

No matter what, if it was not your fault, you should be compensated for what you have suffered. Contact an experienced personal injury attorney at The Law Office of Thomas Wilson PC, to discuss your case with a personal injury lawyer who knows how insurance companies will fight back and how we can make sure you get the care you need moving forward.

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