"Mr. Wilson is a Gentleman, an Officer, and an authority on the subject. A Lawyer of the highest caliber and a patient listener, Mr. Wilson can save your career, as he did mine. There is only one word to describe Mr. Wilson, EXCEPTIONAL justice court." James Sullivan

"Mr. Wilson is my hero. He won my case at trial, he was aggressive and fearless, he showed the prosecutor didn’t have enough evidence against me." Courtney K.

"Mr. Wilson got my DUI case thrown out without going to trial. He proved to a judge that the police didn’t have any reason to stop my car in the first place." Connie P.

"Mr. Wilson stood by me every step of the way. I knew I was not impaired that night. When the jury foreman read “not guilty” to all charges I knew I hired the right lawyer." Michael J.

"I was charged with 4 different DUI charges. After Mr. Wilson questioned the Officer at the evidentiary hearing the prosecutor immediately volunteered to dismiss all the DUI charges." Amanda P.

"My DUI trial lasted 2 days, after the jury announced “not guilty” to all charges, the foreman said it was Mr. Wilson’s cross examination of the police officer that convinced them." Josue C.

"Tom Wilson is an outstanding trial lawyer, he proved I was NOT GUILTY, that I was arrested falsely and that I did not violate any laws." Edward L.

"The Police said I drove across a lane divider and then arrested me for DUI, Mr. Wilson showed this was not a good enough reason to stop me, and the Judge dismissed all the charges against me." Pamela H.

"The Police Officer said he was ‘checking my welfare’ and then he arrested me and charged me with DUI. Mr. Wilson proved he had no reason to come near my car at all, and all the charges against me were thrown out." Javier V.

"I was arrested for 3 different criminal charges from 2 separate incidents. Tom Wilson got all the charges thrown out, and I never had to set foot in a courthouse." Janae D.

"Mr. Wilson got my DUI case completely dismissed. He proved the police were listening to my phone call to my lawyer, and all charges were dismissed, he's the man." Joseph S.

"I was stopped for speeding, and charged with DUI. Mr. Wilson proved I wasn’t speeding, so everything was dismissed." Andrew M.

"The happiest day of my life was when the nightmare ended. We never had to go to trial, Mr. Wilson got every single charge against me thrown out on a technicality." Adan G.

"I talked to other lawyers who just wouldn’t listen to me. Tom Wilson listened to everything I said, and then got my case dismissed based on the facts that I told him. Then they tried to suspend my license for a year, but Tom got that thrown out too. He was a warrior for me every step of the way." Jeffrey M.

"I hired the right lawyer. My trial was in front of a Judge, not a jury. The Judge said the state just didn’t prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt, and I was NOT GUILTY thanks to Tom Wilson." Vincent E.

"Tom Wilson is a fighter as tough as they come. The Police charged me with 10 different violations. Mr. Wilson got every single one dismissed and I never once had to go to court." Mark L.

"My life depended on this case. I knew I was not guilty, but once the 'system' starts up its like a snowball. Tom proved to a Jury I was not guilty of all charges. After Tom put on a traffic expert, the Judge even dismissed the civil traffic citation, stating there was no evidence I did anything wrong at all. Tom made me believe the system can work." Gary C.

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